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Summer job and Internships

Calling all Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and recent graduates. Check out this great opportunity for you to make a difference in helping lift our economy and our community!

2022/2023 School Calendar

GMCS Proposed Calendar for FY23
*This calendar is currently the subject of collective bargaining with the union and may change.
Tse Yi Gai Expansion Survey Featured Photo

Tse Yi Gai Expansion Survey

Tse Yi Gai High School would like your opinion. We are thinking about expanding Tse Yi Gai and offering grades 6 - 8. Please click the link and share your thoughts and opinions through the survey.

Tse Yi Gai Expansion Survey

We need your input! Tse Yi Gai High School is wanting to expand grade levels
to 6-12th grade. Take this short survey.

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Mission Statement

It is our mission in the Gallup McKinley County School District to prepare our students for success. We empower and develop our students through
Building knowledge
Promoting essential skills and positive character traits
providing safe and healthy learning environments and
creating strong partnerships with parents, schools and communities